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Tapes and CDs

Bishop Thomas has an extraordinary gift for digging deep into the Word and finding gold to inspire your daily life. You'll laugh at your own shortcomings and cry at the beauty of your possibilites in God as you listen to these unsugarcoated, straight-talking messages delivered with passion and power.

All messages available in tape or CD format.

cd_tape.gif See Something and Say Something
The story of Jesus cursing the fig tree is often misinterpreted to mean Jesus acted rashly in anger. This message reveals the deeper lesson of being able to recognize our possibilitess and "speak harshly" to situations that aren't serving us. And then we can speak affirmatively to situations that do. Especially recommended for those who are ready for new possibilities to open in their lives. (Sermon delivered 7/18/04)
cd_tape.gif The New Adams Family
The Adams Family was a quirky family of dysfunctional monsters. Using the Old Testament story of Jeptha, Bishop Thomas brings forth a lesson on how we can transform dysfunctions in our own "Adams family." Especially recommended for father-daughter relationships and for parents ready for their children to leave the nest. (Sermon delivered 3/28/04)
cd_tape.gif Ivory Soap Wasn't Supposed to Float: Part 2
This message has everything. From Genesis 50:19-20 we learn that God can take mistakes and turn them to successes. Bishop Thomas builds on this theme to show how an "attitude with altitude" can exchange a loser legacy for a life that will blow your mind—if we master our flesh, finances, and forgiveness by aligning with Jesus. Fast-paced, intense, and laugh-aloud funny, this talk is recommended as a gift that will put the Christ back in Christmas. Hear samples on Pastor's Message page. (Sermon delivered 11/14/04)